PURE Turf Care Let us make your lawn the envy of the neighbourhood. Pure Turf Care Pure Turf Care Let us bring golf course quality turf to your front door. Pure Turf Care Professionals Pure Turf Care We take great pride in delivering exceptional results.


At PURE, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and are dedicated to taking your turf to the next level. We take great pride in delivering exceptional results. We WANT people talking about your lawn!


Our range of professional services ensures you have the best quality turf and upkeep at every stage of your
Pure Turf Care journey.

Pure Turf Care Professionals
Lawn Care Programs

Select from one of our tailored programs to allow your turf to reach peak potential, bringing golf course quality to your front door. 

Pure Turf Care
Scarifying & Aeration

The processes of removing thatch and creating small holes in turf to allow water, oxygen and nutrients to effectively penetrate the soil.

Weed & Lawn Grub Control

Our key philosophy is that prevention is better than a cure. Application of our state-of-the-art products are delivered at the right time of the season to keep us a step ahead of the game.

Pure Turf Care
Cylinder Mowing
The greater number of blades allows for a scissor like cutting action, slicing the grass neatly and leaving a finely cut and manicured lawn. Achieving low cutting heights with a stunning professional finish.
Pure Turf Care
Our fertilisers are specially formulated to include essential nutrients, trace elements, beneficial biology and bio-stimulants improving nutrient availability and soil structure for a strong healthy lawn.
Pure Turf Care Professionals
Top Dressing
Involves the spreading of sand and organic material to fill in low and uneven spots on your lawn. A smooth turf surface looks great and enables the introduction of the cylinder mower. Our state-of-the-art Eco 250 Top dresser spreader will have your lawn as smooth as a billiard table.


Our turf care packages combine state of the art products with the best equipment to keep your lawn pest and weed free for an amazing look all year round. Just sit back, relax and enjoy your lawn with your family, friends and pets.

Platinum Turf Care Package:
Leave it to the professionals. Weed control and prevention, lawn grub prevention, fertilisation, wetting agents, soil conditioners and fungicide applications. Includes Core Aeration and Cylinder mowing.
Pure Turf Care Package:
This complete product package includes weed control and prevention, lawn grub prevention, fertilisation, wetting agents, soil conditioners and fungicide application’s as well as Core Aeration.
Pure Lawn Renovation Service:
Prepare your lawn for success with this turf makeover package. This value-adding package includes Scarify, Core Aeration, Top dressing, Soil Amendments and Fertilizing.